our certified groomers

Sudzy Puppy has been providing professional grooming services in Naperville since 2012. Our team of professionals will do their best to give your dog the best possible experience. Sudzy Puppy’s certified groomers are trained to groom dogs of all breeds. Many of our groomers have over ten years of professional experience. We have a love for animals and an appreciation for the art of grooming.


Josh has been grooming professionally since 2005. He is AKC Safety Certified and a Certified Canine Esthetician.

Josh has been an integral part of the Sudzy family for almost 8 years. He truly loves all dogs and that shows when you see his interactions with them. From wiggly dogs to puppies, Josh enjoys the different challenges each brings. Rescue dogs are Josh’s favorite type of dog to groom.

When Josh is not grooming, he enjoys watching anime, Sci-Fi and finding new vegan recipes. He’s been vegan for over six years.


Shelley has been grooming dogs professionally since 2001. She is AKC Safety Certified and a Certified Canine Esthetician. She is also an active member of the International Society of Canine Cosmetologists. 

Shelley’s grooming always begins with an attention to detail. She likes to learn about the dog’s lifestyle and personality while taking into consideration the client’s requested look. She looks for various skin and coat issues which could be improved to benefit the dog with the added bonus of a great look! 

If, during the grooming process there is something she’s doing that the pet does not like, she looks into the possible reasons; Is he arthritic? Are his feet itchy? She takes this practiced consideration into her work. 

What truly makes her day is helping and grooming dogs with disabilities or chronic issues. For her it’s personal, as she cared for her dog, Piggy, whom became disabled and required a wheelchair, later in life. She understands in a very real way just how important our dogs are to us and just how important it is to give them the best treatment possible.


Ryan has been in the dog grooming industry since 2006 and a professional groomer since 2011. Starting as a bather, he brings with him the knowledge and experience to produce consistently beautiful results. He enjoys that every dog is unique and each day is something different. His favorite thing about grooming is seeing the owners face when they first see their freshly groomed and beautified dog.

When you visit Sudzy Puppy, you will likely catch Ryan dancing at the groom table or singing at the dryer’s. Ryan has a love of good music, dance floors, being outdoors in the summer and enjoys sharing this love of life with his groom dogs. Unsurprisingly, Ryan lists terriers as his favorite dogs to groom!


Yvette has had a passion for animals her entire life, but started working as a professional in the pet industry in 2007. Initially a bather, she found her true passion as a groomer in 2011. One of her favorite things is collaborating with a customer in finding a beautiful groom while taking the individual needs of their friend into account. She delights in being able to tame an unruly coat, and loves the look of wonder she is able to put on a client’s face when they see the outcome.

Throughout the years, she has taken the initiative to expand and perfect the skills she has learned, but where she really shines is with her scissor-work.

Not only does she groom, but she is also skilled in using a method to dye and pattern your furry friend’s coat using special, pet-friendly products.

Yvette is a dedicated wife and the mother of two children. She has four furry members of her household, varying in size from a German Shepherd to a Maltese/Shih Tzu mix. She also has a cat. When she’s not working, she can either be found enjoying time with her family, or having friends and family over for cookouts.