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Bath and Nails includes...
A "Sudzy" bath
-Anal gland expression as needed (large breed dogs by request only)
- A max brush out of 15 minutes
-Nail trimming
-Ear cleaning (ear hair plucking by request)
-Trimming the hair on the privates & pads of feet
(Does not include any trimming that would require scissoring)
Prices range $25.00 to $60.00 in most cases and vary based on size, breed, and condition of coat.

Bath and Trim includes
-A "Bath and Nails" service
-A consultation with your groomer to determine where additional trimming is wanted.
-This service includes scissor trimming of no more than 2 inches on feet, back of legs, belly, face, ears and tail only.
(This does not include any clipper work on the body if you would like an all over cut try our Full service Haircut.)
Prices range from $35.00 $100 in most cases and vary based on size, breed, and condition of coat.

Full Service Haircut includes
-A "Bath and Nails" service
-A consultation with your groomer to determine a customized haircut based on you and your dogs needs.
Prices range from $45.00 to $130.00 in most cases and vary based on size, breed, and condition of coat.

Puppies First
This is a special service for the new four-legged baby in your family.It's like the fist day of school. Extra time and care is taken to familiarize your baby to the clipper, dryer and of course tubby time. Includes…
-A “Bath & Nails” service
-Clipper recognition
-Limited scissor work including the feet and corner of eyes and visor if able.
We strongly recommend getting a “Puppies First” service before any Full service grooming is performed. This will give your groomer an opportunity to evaluate your puppy’s fears and strengths so we can work together to make their first full service grooming experience as stress-free as possible.
Prices range from $25.00-$45.00 for puppies 2 to 4 months.

 All of our full service grooming packages include your choice of either our basic 2 in 1 shampoo+conditioner, hypoallergenic unscented shampoo or for dogs under 6 moths puppy shampoo. Please note that all of our grooming services are based on the amount of time it takes to perform the service. Additional charges may apply to dogs that are shedding excessively, blowing coat, have matting or are overgrown. Our groomers will try to inform you of potential additional charges during check-in but sometimes these issues go undetected until the grooming is underway. Excessive undercoat and matting fees are listed below and range based on severity & size.

Add on services
Teeth brushed and breath spray $5.00
Nail filing $5.00
Pawdicure $15.00
(Ask to see our polish colors; service may be refused if pet is incorporative)
Basic Spa package $12.00
(Includes teeth brushed and breath spray, nail filing and any $5.00 specialty shampoo treatment)
Excessive coat charges range from $5.00 to $20.00 depending on the level of excessive shedding (typically shedding breeds drop an undercoat twice a year during warming and cooling months where they go through a period of extreme shedding)
Matt removal charges range from $5.00 to $20.00 depending on the level of matting.
(When mats are cut out not brushed)
De-matting charges (when the matting can be brushed) after the initial $5.00 detangling treatment rates are $1.00/minute. Our groomers can give you and estimate on time required for your pets brush out but an exact price cannot be quoted until de-matting is completed.

Specialty shampoo treatments
All of our full service grooming comes with your choice of our standard 2 in 1 shampoo or hypo unscented these shampoo additional options allow you customize your pets grooming needs.
Itchy Dog Treatment$5.00 
Whitening Shampoo $5.00  
Blueberry Facial and Spritz $5.00 
Detangleing conditioner treatment $5.00 
Deep conditioning treatment $5.00 
Argon oil polish $5.00 Includes a light argon oil treatment with additional polish brushing helps moisturize dull coats and skin & leaves your pets hair shiny & healthy. (This service is for short coat breeds only.)
Flea Treatment $10.00 (Paw Earth)  
(This treatment is required if fleas or flea dirt is found on your pet)
De-skunk treatment $20.00 We have a variety of shampoos and methods we use for stripping out this unwanted odor unfortunately there are not very many effective products that are green, chemical free, & eco friendly. Even with the best products on the market and 3 to 5 wash cycles full removal of this smell is not fully guaranteed and may resurface when your pet gets wet or is bathed in the future.

Premium Spa Packages
De-shedding treatment $20.00 Includes Earthbath shed control shampoo & conditioner treatments with an additional 10-15 minutes of de-shed brushing
Blueberry Package $15.00 includes a full body blueberry facial, Envirogroom Berry Silk Conditioner, Blueberry pad scrub & blueberry finishing spritz. (South Barks)
Renew Spa Package $15.00 helps revitalize the coat and includes Renew Pet Shampoo, Nourish Conditioner, your choice of paw treatment or facial & finished with a Renew cologne spritz (Tropiclean's Spa Lavish Line)
Comfort Spa Package $15.00 helps soothe the skin & soul with aromatherapy includes Spa Comfort Pet Shampoo, Spa Nourish Conditioner you choice of Paw & Pad Treatment or Tear Stain Facial & finished with Comfort cologne Spritz.  
Pure Silk Spa Package $15.00 is specially formulated for dogs with sensitive skin and is Gluten Free it includes Spa Pure Shampoo, Envirogroom Berry Silk Conditioner, Paw & Pad Treatment & your choice of Spa cologne spritz.

All premium spa package upgrades include a complimentary warm towel wrap with service to enhance the relaxation of your pet.

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